Saturday, September 11, 2010

gesso-ing 20 of the 30 canvi

I lined 20 canvi up on the pushed together desks in my studio.

I used a yogurt cup of white gesso, threw in some pinkish paint, mixed that in well, and began to gesso the first row of canvi. I did not like the uniform pink.

I globbed in some burnt umber which was partially dried out. This resulted in very desirable muted pinkish brown, with darker umber streaks where the partly dried paint smeared on the canvas without mixing thoroughly with the gesso.

I began applying the gesso thickly to some of the canvi

In most cases, I flopped one wet canvas on top of another and rubbed the handle of the paintbrush on the dry back of the top canvas. This created a print. So some of the canvi are very similar to one other canvas in the group. 

I'll post before and after photos soon.

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